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VR / 360 Degree Interactive Branded Content (New)

Hey! Hopefully your day has been going well! Recently we have been seeing a rise in the use of VR / 360 Degree and Aerial videography content. Brands are already experimenting with this new technology and we are proud to be one of the few content creators to create stunning 3D / VR and Aerial content correctly.

Check out our little teaser, promo film we put together.

With our name being “Future “it is expected for us to be innovative and come up with an experimental technology and ideas in the film field. So we are working on something that combines 360 Degree video with an Aerial filming platform. It could be used as a “Tripod in the sky” and the consumer can interact with the video as if they are really there.

There is some real value in this technology so if your looking for a forward thinking and innovative content creator – check us out!